“Seedr” and me.


To start, torrents are into everyone’s life these days. Every person who is good at computers would definitely have a need to download a torrent at least once in his life, whatever the reason or torrent it be. And, when we speak about downloading torrents, we have plenty of websites which provide torrent files.

But, the real problem comes when downloading the torrent files. For noobs at torrents, they don’t want to install other third party softwares to download torrents (speaking of utorrent, bittorrent etc). So, they prefer not to download torrents. Then they search google to download torrents without utorrent. Google shows the light towards Seedr which is one damn amazing online platform to download torrents.

It not only is cool to download torrents without third party applications but also, download torrents from blocked internet providers. Like, at workplace or hostels. For guys like that, including me, where torrents are blocked on the internet, Seedr is like   gandalf with a stick with light at the tip of it. I’ve downloaded loads of torrent content from torrent blocked internet only with the help of Seedr. Seedr be the best. It helped me at many situations and god bless the people who have created it.

Though the free account at Seedr provides only 2gb of files to download, there are ways to increase the size too. Either by paying money or for free. This is something very cool the developers thought about the size of the torrents to download. However, Seedr is very good at this stage and it doesn’t need and modifications to it.

The speed of converting the torrent file to downloadable zip file is also the fastest in the internet. No other site provides that speed, that size and that beautiful interface like Seedr. Even, the idea of converting the torrent file to zip is awesome. Since, it reduces the size of file by compressing it (or) zipping it, which makes the users download a lesser size file than the original size, which is again a plus point.

Thus, Seedr doesn’t have any negative points. It only has positive points. It only helps and satisfies the users in all the ways it is expected to do.

Thank you Seedr and the developers for making such a beautiful online tool.

Providing link again (https://www.seedr.cc/Seedr

Blogpost by

Eknath Reddy Kallam (eknath.kallam@yahoo.com)




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